Features of sites build on the Global Riders model:

  • Your own site, on your own domain.
  • A custom homepage showing the dynamic content you choose from your site, or just static information if you wish.
  • Ride or trails database with integration with Google Earth and maps.
  • Ability for users to give status updates on areas in ride or trails database to alert other members to dangers or recent changes.
  • Calendar of meetings & events.
  • Discussion forums.
  • Photo galleries.
  • Blogs for users, integrated with calendar entries and race results.
  • 'Hot Laps' challenge system for personal training development or to compare with other members just for fun.
  • Private messaging for users.
  • The ability to share content with other partner sites in your area or with your interests.
  • A theme you choose or build yourself if you have the technical resources available.
  • Shared logins for members. No more endless re-registration for users.
  • Statistics available for many items (eg. where are riders meeting most often, how large are most meetings, etc.)

All looked after by a dedicated web professional leaving you free to enjoy your riding.