How it Works

If you'd like to get involved and host your site with Global Riders here's how it works:

  1. Choose the name for your group or site.
  2. Register an appropriate domain name, or alternatively ask us and the subdomain could be made available.
  3. The Global Riders website is build on the excellent and very popular Drupal CMS. To give your site it's own unique look and feel browse around some of the resources and pick out a theme (or design your own) for use on your site.
  4. If you have similar interests or geographic location to some of the already existing partner sites, browse around on them and decide if you'd like to share some content. Content types that can be shared include ride database entries, ride meetings (in the shared areas for example) and forums.
  5. Decide what specific forums your group needs for it's own private use.

And that's it. Relay all this information to our admins and your site can be up and running within minutes!